Rubik’s Cube Cake

J’s birthday was Wednesday, so I made him a nerdy little cake.

I’m much more of a baker than a cook, but even so, this cake was much easier to make than it looks. But then, it’s sort of a mess, so maybe making it well would have been more difficult. Enough self-deprecation, onto the pictures!

Inspiration was from this post, but since neither of us really care for cake in general, I opted away from taste quality and cake variety and went for outside aesthetics instead. I used two boxes of devil’s food cake in three 8×8 pans and had more than enough (including a few cupcakes for breakfast).

Next time I foray into decorating, I’ll use gel food coloring; my colors weren’t dark enough, and the blue was so runny I couldn’t photograph all sides of the cake. Too embarrassing.Two tubs of vanilla icing, split into eight sections (two sections for the layers between cake layers, off to the side). Equal measuring isn’t really important; I had a LOT of icing left over.I blue myself!After 70 or so drops of food coloring, this resembled the imaginary food in Hook. FOOD FIGHT!Spooned into the corners of sandwich bags. At first, I tried using an icing tip, but it got melty and messy, so I just cut a tiny corner off the bag itself.Genius Moment: After creepily asking J, “Darling, do we have any piano wire?” I remembered I have tons of unused beading wire! Wrapped it around my fingers, and….…four perfectly straight* cuts! The scraps were later mixed with cream cheese and made into cake pops, which were a big hit at a dinner party this weekend.

*when looked at from the correct angleSectioned out with black tube icing.Filled in with warm, melty, goopy icing, and presented to the birthday boy a mere ten minutes after his real birthday!

I’m already thinking about next year’s cake. No spoilers, but it’s even nerdier.


3 responses to “Rubik’s Cube Cake

  1. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m glad I stumbled upon it!

  2. awesome. looks tasty and purdy.

  3. Spiraled into a great 90’s idea! Thank you for this awesome project!

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