The Lion, the Witch, and the Pantry

When we moved two houses into one small apartment, we knew we’d be limited on space. We knew we’d be tripping over extra furniture and Craigslisting a lot. I almost wish I could say we combined two full kitchens into one, but that’s a joke. My contribution basically consisted of a mixer, two pots, five beer glasses, and a half-stale package of grits.

Even so, we very quickly ran out of room to store all of Jeff’s culinary equipment. Small appliances like the rice cooker, electric griddle, and a waffle maker (this was actually my birthday present, and I freakin’ love it), filled up the cabinets immediately, leaving the pots and pans out in the cold. Spices alone fill the over-the-stove cabinet. This man came with a real pantry, full of things like vegetable stock, pomegranate molasses, and 12 types of grains, and we had nowhere to put it all.

So we got creative with our “pantry,” AKA the water-heater room off the kitchen. A cheap shelving unit and a pegboard (and one delightful trip to the Container Store) later, our pots and pans are now just behind the door. The lid rack isn’t exactly meant for pegboards, so we need some zip ties to make sure it stays put.

See the top right corner of the pantry? That’s a specially-made Container Store thing for storing tin foil/plastic wrap and bags. I heart Container Store. Walking in that place is like walking into a warehouse of dreams of how your life could be, if only you didn’t actually have to live in it.Best part is, nothing’s drilled into the door. It’s hanging by over-the-door hooks, which took a little Dremel-ing to make fit, and (Genius Moment) instead of building a frame, Jeff just screwed in furniture feet in several places so it’s held at a good distance from the door. It doesn’t swing or bang. (Ensue giggling.)

Total cost of organizing our pantry: $47
2’x4′ pegboard: $8 (Lowe’s)
Overdoor hooks: $1.50 each x 3 (Lowe’s)
Furniture feet:  $2 (Lowe’s)
Peg hooks: $6 for a variety of hooks and locks (Lowe’s)
Lid rack: $7 (CS)
Wrap rack: $5.50 (CS)
Plastic shelf: $14 (Lowe’s)

The shelving unit still leaves a lot to be desired, and I sincerely hope to be here when the maintenance man has to squeeze past it to get to the water heater. But it’s a start.


3 responses to “The Lion, the Witch, and the Pantry

  1. Stumbled here. Nice. Tiny, tiny tip: try turning your pot lids the other way (handles to the wall). We have an Ikea pot lid holder, and the lids seem to be more stable that way.

  2. Really really smart

  3. is the pegboard made of wood or cardboard? i wndered cos the stuff hung on it look a bit heavy kind

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