Nerd Love

Normally, we are not huge on Valentine’s Day or cheesiness or big red hearts in general, but we wanted to share few things that we really love, and then how they are so important to our life together, because it’s our blog and we can, so there.

Distance. Science. Spaaaaaaace!

The first part of the “Space” episode of RadioLab, in which Carl Sagan’s widow describes the moment they fell in love. The whole episode is worth listening to, but this story starts at 3:18.  I’m a total ball of mush.

Again, with RadioLab. The beginning of the “Desperately Seeking Symmetry” episode is one of the most lovely things I’ve ever heard, and I listened to this during one of my many hour-long drives to see Jeff  during the first few months of our relationship. This is a mythology from old Greece, and is similar to a Greek proverb that resonates with me, “The pot rolls around until it finds its lid.”

Self-Sacrifice. TV.

We listen to a lot of podcasts and public radio, and we especially love that Durham, our neighbor to the west, has a story-telling organization called The Monti. We’ve been to several of their shows, and it’s on my Life List to someday tell a story on stage. Anyhow, this is one of my favorite stories, about what a woman did for love–“a case of Bud and a black eye .” Episode #9.

Music. Arguments. Hashbrowns.

This song. During our first meal together, we debated this album (whether I should be skipping the second song because it makes me uncomfortable), and when he arrived for our first real date, he brought me this album on vinyl with a big white bow on it.  The first piece of art we made together included the first two lines of the title track. The band broke up over a decade ago, but we recently saw Jeff Mangum play in Chapel Hill. There was singing, there were tears, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t completely lose it when he played this song.

And, at the risk of getting  sappy and alienating our crayon-lovin’ fanbase, I quit there. Happy Tuesday, everybody. See y’all at Waffle House.


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