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Fabric Origami Fan Necklaces

A couple months ago, I read this post by Jessica Jones at How About Orange, one of my very favorite DIY/craft blogs. She does a lot of simple, beautiful origami projects, and introduced me to one of my favorite products, fabric stiffener. (She uses Stiffen Stuff in that post, but I strongly prefer Aleen’s Stiffen Quik.)

From her post, I created this fabric necklace (and many, many more).



She mentions at the end of that this paper project could be tried with stiffened fabric, which I started thinking as soon as I saw that first picture. So here’s my take on her lovely project. The fabric used here is one that Jessica designed, Skiff in Dusk (that link is where I got it). It’s home decor weight, which means it’s as sturdy as a canvas. I’ve also made these with quilter’s weight cotton and t-shirt jersey. Continue reading