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Chalk It Up, Part Two: Hoarders

It’s a special, lovely,¬†rare day when what you think to yourself, “Wow, I’m really glad I obsessively saved this certain type of garbage.” It hasn’t happened with the plastic yogurt cups yet (shout out to my late Grandma Lois), but much to Jeff’s surprise and relief, we have found a purpose for my growing pile of clean, de-labeled glass jars.

When I ordered the tins for the spice rack, I couldn’t help pick up a few glass swing-top jars for our most commonly-used grains. Ideally, I’d love to re-do the entire pantry in glass jars, but the shopping cart got expensive quickly. So I started to re-purpose. Continue reading


Chalk It Up, Part One: Ooh, Spicy

Today’s post is a lesson in Learning From My Mistakes. If you like drinking games, grab a beverage and drink every time I say, “In retrospect…” Maybe go ahead and get two beverages.

Cabinet space is very limited in our cozy kitchen; our spices were housed in a tiny above-the-stove cabinet that is completely impossible to navigate, even for tall folks like us. It’s a miracle we never got hit in the forehead with a rogue jar of cumin.

Apologies for the terrible photos. Big surprise, the lighting in the tiny kitchen is awful.

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Pantry

When we moved two houses into one small apartment, we knew we’d be limited on space. We knew we’d be tripping over extra furniture and Craigslisting a lot. I almost wish I could say we combined two full kitchens into one, but that’s a joke. My contribution basically consisted of a mixer, two pots, five beer glasses, and a half-stale package of grits.

Even so, we very quickly ran out of room to store all of Jeff’s culinary equipment. Small appliances like the rice cooker, electric griddle, and a waffle maker (this was actually my birthday present, and I freakin’ love it), filled up the cabinets immediately, leaving the pots and pans out in the cold. Spices alone fill the over-the-stove cabinet. This man came with a real pantry, full of things like vegetable stock, pomegranate molasses, and 12 types of grains, and we had nowhere to put it all.

So we got creative with our “pantry,” AKA the water-heater room off the kitchen. A cheap shelving unit and a pegboard (and one delightful trip to the Container Store) later, our pots and pans are now just behind the door. The lid rack isn’t exactly meant for pegboards, so we need some zip ties to make sure it stays put.

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